Photo by Julie Heath, Birchwood School

Marahau and Back

Top Outdoor Spot competition winner Mia used her prize to take her Birchwood School class to Marahau. Here is her report on how the trip went:

Everyone is talking and laughing as we wait in the classroom for the bus. Vroom vroom as the bus pulls up in the bus lane at school. Everyone lines up and walks to get on the bus with their buddies. As the teacher counts us on we each go in the bus one by one, we are off to Marahau for our class trip.  As the bus headed off some of us started singing the wheels on the bus in loud and cherry voices that annoyed several of us... Once we reach our destination we all ran to a grassy spot and ate our delicious morning tea. We soon packed our lunches away and headed off on the track. Once we were about halfway there we stopped at another lush picnic spot to relax. We then took off on the track again heading for Apple Tree Bay. After a couple more hours of walking and looking at the beautiful scenery of the Abel Tasman track we finally reached Apple Tree Bay.  Then most of the class went and got their togs and got changed then plunged into the freezing water, the more sensible of us stayed out and played along the rocks. We ate our lunch here and after a nice class photo we grouped ourselves into three groups and started the walk back. On the way back we saw a penguin burrow and it had two penguins in it. We arrived back in time to get on the bus, but we couldn’t as the bus had broken down. We had an extra hour to wait. We played. and there was thunder and lightning and it was so exciting. Finally, the next bus arrived, we all cheered happily and climbed on the bus. We got back to school tired around 4:45pm but excited to tell our families about our day. It was such a cool day because we all enjoyed the track and the new experiences we had.

~ Written by Mia and Bella

 Birchwood school visits Marahau

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