The New Zealand Walking Access Commission

Our vision: Journeys across the land and to our special places | Te mauri o te hīkoi

We build a legacy of public access to the outdoors for everyone in New Zealand. Communities work with us to create and care for tracks and trails. We resolve disputes about outdoor access. Our focus is the land and the people who live, work and play on it - walkers, mountain bikers, anglers, horse riders, landholders, runners and beyond.

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Waiuku Trail

A trail network that reconnects us to the Waikato River

Professor Mick Abbott works at Lincoln University’s School of Landscape Architecture. Often he helps design tracks and trails. He’s very interested in protected area landscapes.

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Answers to questions about access to the outdoors

Information about accessing the outdoors responsibly - including roads and walkways, rivers and lakes, and private land.

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Use a map to find legal public access across New Zealand

Our maps will help you find legal public access, hunting and fishing spots, tracks, trails, and property information.

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Crown Range

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Media releases, articles, news and views from across the Walking Access Commission.

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