Hutt River Trail Collection

Add Find My Adventure to your own website

Do you want to embed a collection of tracks from our Find My Adventure database on your own website? You can do so for free. Just contact us and we can create a simple script that you can place on your website showing just the tracks that you want to highlight.

We can limit the tracks that the code shows by region, such as Gisborne or Southland, or by whether it is a walking, mountain biking or horse-riding track, or only tracks that are easy, or only tracks that are loops.

The embedded collection is in neutral colours, it has minimal branding and no advertising on it.

  • This might be ideal for hotel or camping ground owners who want to showcase the trails near their accommodation.
  •  It might be great from tramping or mountain bike clubs that want to show nearby tracks for their members.
  • It could be valuable to small towns that want to show the tracks and trails in their vicinity.
  • If you have just tramped Te Araroa, from Cape Reinga to Bluff, you might want to embed the entire network of trail maps on your blog to let family, friends and admirers know where you have been.

And your bonus is that the embed will keep getting better.

As we keep adding tracks and trails to our database the relevant ones will join the collection and show up embedded in your website – automatically updating. Likewise, as we add more photos, videos and detailed descriptions of each track they will also show up automatically too. As we add new features to the database – perhaps elevation profiles or user-contributed data – those will be available on your embed too.

And if a track you need is missing you can send us the information about it, and we can add it to the database.

If you have a website that you could improve by embedding Find My Adventure contact us at

Page last updated: Aug 1, 2019, 3:24 PM