AccessMe – arranging access in the digital age

The J H Aspinall scholarship is named after John Aspinall. Prior to his death in 2011, John Aspinall was a South Island farming leader and passionate about access. His family still run Mt Aspiring Station, a high country farm that allows for significant public access.

This year, the scholarship was awarded to Lincoln University student Alison Outram, who prepared a concept assessment on a digital form of seeking and granting access permission. The concept, with the working title AccessMe, was suggested to the Commission by Stewart Hydes from the Canterbury branch of the Deerstalkers Association.

The concept of AccessMe is a simple one – a digital platform where people can request access to a farm (for hunting, fishing, tramping etc.), and landholders can respond, without having to share personal information, make or answer phone calls or knock on people’s doors.

Page last updated: Aug 16, 2018, 4:29 PM