Our Maps

Please select from one of the five maps below.

Note: We’ve found a bug with Google Chrome on Android phones (Android 9.0) that affects our maps and causes them to be unresponsive when panning or zooming.  We apologise to users experiencing this issue and we hope that it can be resolved soon with a newer release of Google Chrome. Until then, if you're experiencing this issue, you can browse our maps using any other browser on your phone, such as Firefox, Opera and Samsung Internet.

Outdoor access map

Shows public access areas, property information, hydro parcels and tracks. Please note that legal access is not necessarily practical to use.

Tracks and trails map

A large collection of tracks and trails across the country from the Walking Access Commission, DOC, LINZ and a wide range of local authorities.

Public access areas map

Displays a number of different forms of legal public access across New Zealand. Please note that legal access is not necessarily practical to use.

Property information map

Parcel and title level data from Land Information NZ. This map shows property boundaries but does not allow users to see private information.

Hunting and fishing map

Fish & Game hunting and fishing access points, DOC huts and campsites, and public access areas. Note: legal access is not necessarily practical.


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