Rivers, lakes and coast

River 1

Marginal strips

Marginal strips are strips of land adjoining the coast, lakes larger than eight hectares in area, and rivers greater than three metres in width.

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NZ beach 1 v2

Esplanade reserves, esplanade strips and access strips

These are different legal mechanisms involving access, but there may be restrictions on their use. Check with the relevant territorial authority.

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2010 Fishing D Phibbs crooked edited

River beds

Riverbeds can be a useful form of access where water margin access is not available or not practicably usable.

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Grays River

Erosion and accretion

The effect of erosion and accretion on public access along water margins can be quite complicated and require expert advice.

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Access along rivers, lakes and the coast

What is the Queen’s Chain and what happens when erosion, accretion or water movement affect public access? What are the access rights relating to the foreshore?

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