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Access to New Zealand’s lakes, beaches, rivers and mountains is at the heart of our Kiwi way of life. The beauty and diversity of our landscapes enrich and inspire us, and having access to these places is part of New Zealand’s culture and heritage.

The New Zealand Walking Access Commission is the Crown entity that plays a lead role in protecting this heritage by promoting free, certain, enduring and practical access to the outdoors. We work to strengthen the links between rural and urban New Zealand by identifying publicly accessible land, providing information about public access rights and responsibilities, assisting with dispute resolution and facilitating new opportunities for people to access and enjoy the great outdoors.


Here you will find information about the gazetted walkways of New Zealand. A gazetted walkway is a walkway that is legally protected by a registered easement or lease and notified in the New Zealand Gazette

Access Maps

Your guide to outdoor New Zealand. The Walking Access Mapping System has all the information you need to find publicly accessible land. Search to find where you are or want to go. Use different layers to display roads, marginal strips, reserves, territorial boundaries and conservation land.

Outdoor Access Code

The New Zealand Walking Access Commission published the New Zealand Outdoor Access Code, on 30 June, 2010. The Code aims to enhance knowledge and understanding of responsible behaviour in the outdoors...

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