Cardiff Centennial Walkway

Cardiff Centennial Walkway

The Cardiff Centennial Walkway is a scenic riverside loop walk located 6km west of Stratford.

The walkway follows the Waingongoro River upstream from the Opunake Road bridge for approximately 1.5km, creating an enjoyable 3km circuit that takes about an hour and a half to walk.

It traverses farmland and native bush and provides access to historical weirs and a ram pump system that provided water to a dairy factory built by the Cardiff Co-Operative Dairy Factory Company in 1891 and closed in 1951. A picnic area is available and there is an observation tower at the northern end that provides views of Mt Taranaki and the surrounding farm land.

Some sections of this track cross private land and visitors are asked to stick to the marked route, respect all signposted conditions of access and follow the New Zealand Outdoor Access Code.


Cardiff Centennial Walkway is accessed from a carpark on Opunake Road, 6km west of Stratford. The carpark is located close to the Opunake Road Bridge, which crosses the Waingongoro River.

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Conditions and closures

To find out more about conditions of access on this walkway (eg, access with bikes, dogs or horses) and any temporary or seasonal closures, contact the Stratford District Council.

At a glance

Walking time: 1 hour and 30 minutes loop
Length: 3km
Created: 12 March 2015
Controlling authority: Stratford District Council

For more information about this walkway and other walkways in the area visit the Walkways page or download the Walkers Guide to Taranaki brochure from the Stratford District Council’s website.