Wellington Botanic Gardens

  • Walking
  • Wheelchair / Pram Accessible
  • Dog Friendly

Enjoy surprises and views around every turn. Wellington Botanic Garden hosts exotic forest, native bush, floral displays and themed gardens that will inspire your gardening at home. Bring a lunch and make it an outing or escape from the office for a quick break. Join the trails together to see all the sights.

  • Downhill Path - Walk from the Cable Car down the hill and stop to enjoy the main collections in the Botanic Garden including the Australian Garden and the Succulent Garden.
  • Kowhai Walk - Walk from the top of the Botanic Garden past the Dominion Observatory, Carter Observatory, Krupp Gun and Space Place.
  • Sculpture Trail - From the Lady Norwood Rose Garden loop around the Sculpture Trail to spot 6 works nestled amongst the plants.
  • Bush Walk – Follow the native New Zealand bush from the Cable Car, downhill or follow the rtail in the other direction to end with the harbour vista. 
  • Sensation Trail | Louis Braille Trail – Pick up a Braille brochure from the Treehouse Visitor Centre to venture through the gardens to find tactile markers that show Braille sign posts nearby.

Get prepared

  • Bring a picnic and refillable water bottle to make the most of your trip.
  • Maps are available on map boards throughout the garden or at the Treehouse Visitor Centre.

Be aware

  • The Botanic Garden is hilly - with the top of the hill at the Cable Car Entrance and the bottom at the Main Gate entrance and Rose Garden.
  • Visitor services are available at the Treehouse Visitor Centre in the centre of the Botanic Garden.

How to get here

There are several entrances to Wellington Botanic Garden. Key entrances include:

  • Main gate (Founder's Entrance) - off Glenmore Street, Busses to and from the city stop here
  • East entrance- via Salamanca Road. Centennial Entrance - Near the Main gate, also off Glenmore Street, with walking and driving access to the Rose Garden.
  • Cable Car Entrance – enter at the top of the Cable Car to walk down through the gardens.

Busses regularly travel between Wellington Botanic Garden and the city centre from outside the Main gate on Glenmore street. If you’re walking from the city, enjoy a great journey starting near the Beehive, travelling from Bolton Street Chapel, through Bolton Street Cemetery and to the Lady Norwood Rose Garden.

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