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16 June 2021: Waikakaho/Cullen Creek Walkway weekday partial closure

On weekdays 6 am to 5 pm until 9 July, the Cullensville (Linkwater) side of the Waikakaho/Cullen Creek Walkway is closed to the Waikakaho Saddle.

The closure is required due to the risks involved with forest harvesting that will be occurring on the private land above the track including tree felling, machinery and overhead hazards.

The track is open Saturdays and Sundays. Follow signs and crew instructions.

The track from the Waikakaho Valley up to the Waikakaho Saddle remains open and is not affected by the closure.

The Waikakaho/Cullen Creek Walkway is an old gold mining track. The walkway takes in the site of the old Cullensville township and old mine shafts can be seen from the track at the Waikakaho end. Other clues to the area’s history, such as stone chimneys, culverts and walkways carved into rock, line the length of the walkway.

The Cullen Creek side of the walkway is very steep and visitors may want to begin at the Waikakaho entrance in the south.


Dogs with Department of Conservation permit only. Do not enter any mine shafts or the sheds beside the road at the Waikakaho end of the track. Please keep to the marked track and leave all gates as you found them. The track passes through very steep terrain in the lower Cullen Creek area. The major watercourses are not bridged, care is required when water levels are high.

How to get here

Access to the start of the track at the northern end is at Cullen Creek Valley from Linkwater.The track entrance is through private land. In the south the track begins at the end of Waikakaho Road.

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