Puhoi to Wenderholm Walk (Bypass)

  • Walking

Should tides not suit, or you don't wish to pay for kayaking from Puhoi to Wenderholm - it can be walked, however when walking along SH1, please take caution as this road is very busy. We recommend kayaking as it is much safer than walking these busy roads.

Please wear a hi-viz vest and/or pack cover if available

From the Puhoi Domain, turn left/east and walk 1200m to SH1.

Continue 2km and take the "offramp" towards Wenderholm/Waiwera as signposted on the Twin Coast Discovery Highway, then continue east a further 2.75km to the entry to Wenderholm Regional Park (Schischka Road).

It is 1km down the driveway to the start of the next route.


Cross SH1 with extreme caution as cars are travelling at 80-100km/h.  Walk as far off the road shoulder as you can, on the far side of the barrier fence where this is possible.

Potential Hazards:

  • Vehicles on road or track. Walk well off the road, over barrier where possible
  • Track exposed to sun, wind or cold
  • Few water sources

How to get here

Northern Start: Puhoi Village

Southern End: Wenderholm Regional Park

Track Elevation

Map of Track

More information

Te Araroa Auckland trail notes including information about accommodation, transport and resupplying

Mountain Safety Council Plan My Trip
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