Flagstaff-Pineapple Walkway

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The Pineapple – Flagstaff Walk offers panoramic views over Dunedin and the Otago Harbour. A plane table identifies key features of the landscape visible from the summit.

The area has an interesting history. In pioneering times a flag was hoisted on Flagstaff Summit whenever a ship entered the harbour, whereupon the male dominated population would flock into the city in the hope of finding a wife.

The pineapple part of the name was adopted by parties of trampers who would rest at the top of a steep section to refresh themselves with tins of pineapple, often leaving the tins hanging in trees or on a fence.

The walkway links with a number of other walking tracks in the area.


No bicycles.

How to get here

The Flagstaff – Pineapple Walkway can be accessed from Flagstaff-Whare Flat Road at the west end or from Booth Road at the east.

Track Elevation

Map of Track

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