Upgraded Walking Access Mapping System coming soon

Enjoying New Zealand's stunning outdoors will soon be even easier. The New Zealand Walking Access Commission is launching a new version of its free nationwide Walking Access Mapping System later this month to make it simpler for people to plan trips into the outdoors.

The new version will feature more user-friendly interfaces for both desktop and mobile users and added functionality allowing people with GPS devices to more effectively export data or upload route plans to view against the public access information on the mapping system.

Other improvements include a new help guide and upgrades to the system's drawing and measuring tools to enable people to better mark places on the map and measure distances.

New Zealand Walking Access Commission chief executive Eric Pyle said the new version of the mapping system was a response to feedback from users.

“There have been many calls for a simplified interface, a better help guide and functionality allowing people to import and view route data from their GPS devices, so these have been top of our list when prioritising what to include in this upgrade.

“In coming years we want to look at how we can further improve the system to make it easier for other national organisations to present information that may be of use to outdoor recreationalists. That could be anything from council campsites, to outdoor safety information there's a lot of potential.â€

Page last updated: Sep 8, 2020, 3:46 PM