Tongariro National Park
Photo by Asher Wilson-Goldman

Soon: Have your say on the future of the Commission

In the next couple of weeks, public consultation on the review of the Walking Access Act 2008 will begin. This is an opportunity for you to have your say on the priorities, resourcing and functions of the Walking Access Commission.

The Walking Access Act is a piece of legislation that creates the Walking Access Commission, defines what we can (and can not) do and where our priorities are for securing free, certain, enduring and practical public access to the outdoors. It has been 10 years since Parliament created us, and it’s now time to make sure that the law is still fit for purpose and reflects the changes we’ve seen in New Zealand over the past decade.

The review process is being run by a team at the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI), supported by an expert advisory panel of Dr Hugh Logan, Sandra Faulkner and Leith Comer. They’ve already met with many of our stakeholders at workshops and conferences around the country, and now it’s time for the wider public to have their say.

Later in May, a public consultation document will be released, outlining some of the key questions the review will seek to answer. Please take the time to have your say!

The review will be reported to Parliament in late September.

Find out more on the MPI website.

Page last updated: May 7, 2019, 10:25 AM