News from the field - June 2016

News from the field' provides a roundup of public access topics being worked on by the New Zealand Walking Access Commission's regional field advisors. This month, we hear from Penny Wardle (Marlborough, Kaikoura, Nelson and Tasman), and Chris Ward (Wellington).

Penny Wardle, Marlborough, Kaikoura, Nelson and Tasman

2016 RFA Penny WardleAs newbie Top of the South regional field advisor, I was lucky to meet New Zealand Walking Access Commission Board members at their meeting in Blenheim in mid-May.

It was a busy couple of days for the board and management staff including new chief executive Eric Pyle, catching up with key stakeholders and access issues in Marlborough.

Day one dawned with a breakfast meeting attended by representatives of three Marlborough iwi. All were, like me, relative newcomers to their roles so this was a valuable chance to put our heads together on topics of interest over bacon and eggs. These included the importance to iwi of accessing “blue waterâ€

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