New maps help anglers and hunters find 'spot X'

Fish & Game New Zealand has worked with the Commission to revamp the maps on its website, providing anglers and hunters with invaluable access information.

The Commission's Walking Access Mapping System (WAMS) has been integrated into the maps on Fish & Game's 12 regional homepages. 

The maps have colour-coded keys identifying formed and unformed (paper) legal roads, as well as opportunities for anglers and hunters to access conservation land, public reserves, Crown land and other areas.

Fish & Game Communications Manager Hamish Carnachan says anglers and hunters have latched onto the WAMS system because of the invaluable information it provides, so it was a logical step to incorporate the platform into the Fish & Game website.

“WAMS has had a profound impact on opening up access opportunities to public places because it clearly shows where you're legally allowed to go, thereby removing any doubt or contention with landowners.

New Zealand Walking Access Commission Chief Executive Mark Neeson says Fish & Game was one of the first organisations to embed maps on its website using public access mapping data released by the Commission in June.

"The new hunting and fishing maps on Fish & Game's website are a valuable tool for hunters and anglers looking for new opportunities to access the outdoors. We released our public access data publicly for precisely this kind of purpose and we welcome other organisations who want to make use of it."

Page last updated: Sep 8, 2020, 3:46 PM