Improved mapping system entering testing

The Walking Access Mapping System will enter its next stage of evolution this month when an enhanced version of the system opens for public testing.

The enhancements include an improved user interface and mobile functionality that will allow users to access the system on smartphones and other mobile devices. Tools will also be added to enable public and private organisations to display their own access-related information to the public, alongside access information presented by the New Zealand Walking Access Commission.

Commission Chief Executive Mark Neeson said the changes to the mapping system would make it even more useful for people planning trips into the outdoors.

“The mapping system has always held a lot of promise. Its primary purpose remains to show land across New Zealand over which the public has access, but these enhancements will help it kick-on to that next level.

“Mobile functionality means people will be able to use it anywhere they have mobile coverage, while the ability for other organisations to present their own access-related information on the system is particularly exciting. We're aiming to make the mapping system a go-to site for people seeking information about recreation in New Zealand.â€

Page last updated: Sep 8, 2020, 3:46 PM