Manawa Karioi
Photo by Stephen Day

Chris Livesey talks about new signs for Wellington's Manawa Karioi trails

Podcast: Island Bay’s Manawa Karioi ecological restoration project has won a $5000 grant to erect signs and put in track markers that will help people walk local bush trails.

The money comes from the Walking Access Commission’s Enhanced Access Fund, which supports local groups to build and preserve outdoor access - especially tracks and trails.

We went to Manawa Karioi to meet Chris Livesey from the restoration project. He says that currently the tracks, none of which are marked, can be a confusing web for people who have not used them before. New map panels at the entrances to Manawa Karioi and colour-coded track markers will help more people to enjoy them.

View our photos from our visit to Manawa Karioi here


Music sting on this podcast is Black Cat Funky by reusenoise - available under a creative commons (CC BY-NC 3.0) license.

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