Responsible behaviour

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The Outdoor Access Code

The Outdoor Access Code is a Commission publication, which sets out the rights and responsibilities of recreational users and landholders.

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Asking Nicely YouTube

Asking nicely

Find out why you should always ask permission before wandering onto private land – and the right and wrong ways to go about it.

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hunters heading to St Winifreds stream

Carrying a gun

Carrying and using firearms is subject to the Arms Act 1983. Some of the relevant provisions in that Act are in the following sections.

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2013 Horse riding on the Returuke Trail in National Park

Horse riding responsibly

“I love nothing better than to be trotting along a verdant river valley or galloping along a vast stretch of beach. Me and my horse and the outdoors.”

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Western Okataina Walkway mountainbiking

Mountain biking responsibly

We are lucky to have access to tracks close to our cities and towns and wide bike-able open spaces. But we have to remember that we are sharing these with others.

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Mitre Peak 1

Caring for the environment

Our environment is an asset and needs to be treated with care. The Outdoor Access Code supports the “Leave No Trace environmental care code”

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beach campfire

Being responsible with fire in the outdoors

Fires are easy to start, but hard and costly to put out. So it is critical that people take simple precautions to avoid endangering life and property.

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Four-wheel driving responsibly

Exploring some of New Zealand’s rarely travelled public and private roads by four-wheel drive (4WD) vehicle is an exhilirating experience.

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Kauri Dieback

Kauri dieback, myrtle rust and more – what you need to know

We have a responsibility to avoid spreading disease, pests and weeds. Through responsible behaviour, we can help keep our wildlife, plants and our livestock safe.

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Mycoplasma Bovis

Mycoplasma Bovis - information for people crossing farms

If you're crossing a farm you need to be aware of Mycoplasma Bovis. It does not pose any risk to you, but you can take some simple steps to stop it spreading.

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