Sometimes there are special circumstances that lead to landowners limiting access to their land.

The stories featured in the scenarios provide students with opportunities to think critically about situations where two points of view may be valid. The first part of each scenario presents a situation where students could form a first impression about access rights. The second half of the scenario provides new information which may cause students to review and change their first thoughts.

Unleashed - Scenario Cards

What do you think about this issue?

Read each 'side of the fence' view and then see what the Outdoor Access Code says about this.  Click the picture to find out.

One side of the fence

Dog owners often like to walk their dogs where they can run free – for example along tracks by rivers and beaches.

The other side of the fence

Private landholders sometimes put up signs saying “no dogs allowed”.   

What the Code says:

On private land, permission must be obtained to take a dog.  Dogs should be kept under proper control, and not allowed to frighten other people, worry farm animals or disturb birds or wildlife.