Top Outdoor Spot Competition

My favourite spot

Amelie , Year 7

As I walk up the stream, being careful to only step on the rocks that are safe and won’t tip, sending me flying face first onto the rocks on the other side of the stream! The mossy rocks feel smooth and damp as I test each one before standing on it. The smell of decaying vegetation fills my nostrils; it smells wonderful and earthy to me. Somewhere behind me I hear mum climbing over the rocks, "just two more bends and then I'm there" I think to myself. I pause and glance up at the left bank, pretty green light filters through the trees dappling the ground with it’s green splendor. My thoughts wander away from the present, carrying me away with them as though calling me to join them. A huge dead tree hangs onto canyon wall, making the already high bank seem more majestic and high! I love my walk to the boulders of Mania!