Top Outdoor Spot Competition

Going to Picton

Mia , Year 5

I went to Picton with my mum, dad and my brother, Leo. We passed vineyards and even a chocolate factory! We even went inside, and the chocolates smelled really good.

When we reached Picton, it was already 6:45, but my dad let me and Leo play on the beach with his supervision. We played on the beach,chasing ducks,and finding shells. My dad also let us explore the nearby playground. Leo was getting tired, so my dad led us back to the hotel. Leo decided to play with his toys. Mum, dad,and I climbed a flight of stairs,leading to the ground floor,which has streets to lead us to the food bars and shops. We went to a pizza shop, which was just around the corner. The counter assistant told my parents that the pizza needed 15 minutes to cook, so my mum suggested looking at the incoming and leaving ferries.

We got a bit cold, since it was 9:00, but we went inside the building for the passengers to order tickets. There was candy and balls in machines, a toy boat for children to play on, and the room was really huge! We went on the dock, just in time to see a giant boat leaving for Wellington.

My mum suddenly said “It’s time to go now!”. So we headed back to the pizza shop. I was immediately greeted by the smell of pizza, cooking in the oven. My parents went to the counter to collect the pizza and pay for it. We were going back, and my dad told us that he was going to the 4 Square Mart, which was just on the opposite side of the road. I followed him into the Mart with mum following us. We bought some bacon and eggs for breakfast. He even bought juice! My dad paid the money. When we came back to our room in the hotel, I helped to prepare the pizza, plates, and cups. My dad poured the juice. I asked permission to play on my I-pad that I bought along with me. After that,My mum told us to go to sleep, and when I did, I dreamt of the next school holiday!

By Mia Wang
Fendalton Open Air School