Top Outdoor Spot Competition

Okains Bay

Oliver , Year 4

As we drive to our very special place,
playing car cricket, doing lots of arguing
mye palms are sweating, ears toasting
I put my head out the window and feel the fresh breeze

We drive into the campground and find the perfect spot,
pitch our tent in the finest of sand,
under the shade of a huge Tōtara.

I slip on my jandals, with a rubbery touch,
run to the lagoon, dashing across spiky stones,
slowly followed by my parents and brothers,
we dash to the ocean’s edge.

The water is cold and creamy,
its waves have a lovely curl,
it moves so quickly like a wild pig being chased by ferocious owners.

The lagoon makes a cold splash when I jump in,
dive bombing from a nearby ledge,
my toes and fingers old and numb,
I safely swim to the shore.

The adults are playing cricket,
up on the beach
the ball rolls through the air with speed, hit by Uncle Fred
and lands in the sea, fetched by other children.

Sweeping over rocks, the tide is like a prowling cat,
pulling away sticks, stones and driftwood,
we’re heading for the shore.

We take a break from swimming,
and walk along a large track on the hills,
hidden behind harakeke and wind grass

Okains Bay is home to pīwakawaka, kererū and kingfisher,
chasing each other around the dense pine forest,
it contains memories I will never forget,
camping, rafting, nature walks,
with my friends and family.

As we pack up our tent, barbeque and boogie boards
I reflect on our wonderful time in this amazing bay,
even though we are all sunburnt, worn out and covered in mosquito bites,
I will never forget this mind blowing place!