Top Outdoor Spot Competition

Carter's Beach

Zoe , Year 7

Where the rolling waves crash violently through the surf, where the silent roads turn into melting tarmac in the sweltering sun, this is my favourite place; Carter's Beach! The birds chirp songs of welcome and the open road shouts "Haeri Mai!". Isolated slightly from the buzzing, busy town of Westport, Carter's Beach is a beautiful hide-away haven. Lollies from the nearby dairy stick your hands together and the constant sound of crashing waves is hypnotizing. When it is blazing hot, the painted middle strip of road comes in handy; you can skip along the road on the line back to base. The Bach. The place for all the best backyard cricket games and water bomb battles. Wacky weather complements the place, unbearable sun and beach days could be followed by miserable inside days. It is where you leave all your worries and anxieties back home.