Top Outdoor Spot Competition

Lake Alexandrina

Amy , Year 5

Snow capped peaks surrounded Lake Alexandrina. I ran inside our old rickety batch, grabbing a life jacket and a pair of worn out jandals. It sat on the top of the gently sloping hill, the lake below us rippling in the soft breeze. I happily jumped in the car, my sister running out to follow me. My dad was waiting in the front seat, his sunglasses sitting on his head. Dad started up the car and we drove down the twisty road, leading to the water's edge. My mum was walking down to meet us. The drive took about five minutes, but dad dropped us off at the base of the hill. We passed the long river that ran from Lake Mcgregor and spilled into Lake Alex. Me and my sister followed the dusty, country road. I spotted the ancient boat shed, dad's car parked beside it. I could hear dad hulling the heavy boat out of the boat shed. The kayak was sitting in the water, ready for another ride. I jumped in, hurriedly clipping my life jaket up. Dad and my sister were in the row boat. We glide all the way to the shallow river. Mum was waiting there, a bag with our lunch sitting by her feet. We leaped out of the boats, running through the water. I skidded to a halt on the rolling pebbles. We lay down on the long tussocks that sat by the waters edge. I started to eat a ham and lettuce sandwich that mum had made before we had left. Later, we caught some fish in the lake, and we got into the boats to take them back to the boat shed. Me, my sister and mum walked back up the hill to our batch, passing by tussocks and pine trees.