Top Outdoor Spot Competition

Bottle Lake forest

Lexie , Year 4

I feel nice and warm under the shady trees.I have to walk too see fairy houses which were built by other people/schools.I saw different coloured fairy houses with pink, blue and purple, my favourite colours.I had a picnic with my friends and bought candy after and also got lost but we asked lots of people so we made it.We walked for about 2 - 3 hours inside the forest and when we made it we found a muddy tyre playground. We played a little bit and climbed up and jumped down. It was very cold under the shady trees so we ran to the sun that and waited for our parents to catch-up. We were looking for signs and when we found it we would follow it. Sometimes the signs were hard to find and some were easy.Some of the signs were the same and some were different of course.It was really exciting to look for the signs because we had races.