Top Outdoor Spot Competition

The Blue Lake/ Lake Tikitapu

Lucy , Year 5

The Blue Lake
Hello, Lucy here! So you all know about the Blue Lake right? Well I’ll be telling you MORE about it so hope you enjoy it!

1. History
In ancient times, the daughter of a chief was bathing in the lake with her greenstone necklace, when she lost it. People still believe it's hiding in there.

2. Why is it called Blue lake?
It is also called Lake Tikitapu which means, tiki - greenstone and tapu - Holy. It also has a pumice bottom which the sun reflects up making it a brilliant blue colour.

3. Why is it so famous?
In summer it is popular for fishing, camping and water sports. To the back of the lake is Mt Tarawera which on the 10th June 1886 killed over 150 people and buried a Maori village when it erupted.

4. How big is the Blue lake?
There is a 5.5km walking track around the lake and it is 28m deep, which is shallow for a collapsed volcanic crater.

Well I hope you enjoyed my work goodbye!