Top Outdoor Spot Competition

hamner springs

charlie , Year 6

Hamner springs

The smell of steam wafts through the pool area. Thousands of children go down all of the different waterslides, while others decide to float along the lazy river on floats made out of foam. You can hear The sound of children screaming happily while they play can be heard in every place in the pools. Except the adult only pools where adults of all ages chill out in the steaming hot pools. The biggest pool can be seen from any spot in the pools because it is huge. The reason that it is so big is that often you can see famous swimmers practising their strokes swimming as fast as speed boats with two engines. There is a gigantic water ride that can be seen from a kilometre away not only because it is the tallest thing in the whole of hamner. as well as being tall it is also easy to see it because it is a bright shade of neon yellow, and green. One of the water slides is pitch black all of the way through. The only way to see is the faint glow of small lights that point where you will go next. Out of the four waterslides the Superbowl is the widest. It is just like the tallest one on its side at the start you will go through a tunnel on an inflatable raft but after you will come out into a huge yellow and blue bowl where you will spin round then go down another tunnel that brings you to the exit where loads of children are waiting for you when you jump out.