Top Outdoor Spot Competition

Hike to the top

Lucy , Year 7

Mesmerized, I looked quite far down the mountain and exclaimed “I feel like a bird soaring in the sky, like I have no care in the world.” I looked further down and oh no, more stairs. Then in the nearby distance I saw a swing bridge, hooray! This is just a snippet of my adventure on the Escarpment track with my cousin Ava, my aunty and my uncle. It was just a practice for the Tongariro crossing up by Mt Ruapehu. It was amazing with its steep hills, sheer slopes and thousands of stairs.

The track has 1500 stairs, I know right that’s a lot of stairs. It’s located in the hills between Paekakariki and Pukerua Bay which makes it exactly 10kms long. What you need is water, food, warm clothes, hat and sunblock. You can mostly do this track at any level of fitness if you prepare properly. It takes the average person 3.5 hours, but it only took us 3. There are sheep on one part of the track so be careful not to disturb them, but your welcome to take some photos because they are super fluffy, maybe they are nearing their shearing time.

OMG! The swing bridges were the best part. It was an amazing view quite high up, but all you can see below you is the green puffy trees just like a leafy green carpet so soft and fragile, just right for lying on as well. We stopped for a snack and to recharge and with my mind’s eye I took a snapshot of what I saw. I saw the aqua blue sea with Kapiti Island in the background, surrounded by leafy green trees just like a leaf border, as sun light dappled the ground in the clearing like a perfect post card. Ava, my aunty and me ran a like the wind across the high swing bridges.

It was so fabulous, I would do it again any time any weather. I was so astonished of how high it was in parts. All I can say is, if you want something fun to do, or you don’t know what to do, this is probably just right for you. This is an action-packed adventure, so have fun.