Top Outdoor Spot Competition

mahia blue bay

Georgia , Year 5

Me and my sister and aunt went up to mahia at blue bay.
The water was shining like the stars as I got closer.
The sand made me jump up like a rabbit when i walk. One day me and my sister called izzy went on a walk. And a couple with 3 beautfull dog’s came up to me and izzy and said that there was a whale that need to be saved.Me and izzy ran down the beach to go and saved it .This was me and izzy first time seeing a whal.When we got there we looked at the whal and then we saw that the what looked like i got bitten by a cookiecutter shark. I went and ran to the first pelso I saw it was a girl she ran with me back to the whal. And when we got there we got on our hands and knees and helped push it out into the water. When we got it out my and izzy had to go out and stay there for a sec because it mite swim back.