Top Outdoor Spot Competition

Adventure at the beach

Indiana , Year 6

I could hear the waves crashing from a mile away. I smelt the salty water as kids were jumping off the dock. Playing tag in the hot hot sand. Shiny shells glittered under the bright and glittering sun. Boogie boarding in the freezing cold ocean’s waters. The squishy sand tickled beneath my feet as I sprinted through. Searching for crabs underneath bullet holed rocks.The freezing water made me feel as if I was swimming through Antarctica’s water. Dogs were barking as we were blasting music through the salty air. It was time to leave Ocean Beach. The sun was setting and the waves got calmer and calmer. The birds in their trees settled in. The rocks seemed to have disappeared, the sky was lit with bright and beautiful colours. My adventures over at Ocean beach can't wait to visit once again. By Indiana