Top Outdoor Spot Competition

My Adventure

Cayden , Year 6

Running down the track I caught a glimpse of what seemed to be paradise. As I kept running down the track I saw many things like trees, animals and more. When we finally got there I was speechless. Rocks, trees and water everything I'd ever need all in one place. Jumping on the rocks I sprung into the powerful currents under the water I couldn't see clearly but I felt like I was being watched. As I popped out of the water I saw the tent half set up and I saw the beauty of the long lush dancing grass. As I got out of the ice cold water I rushed over to grab my warm towel and slowly walked over to the tent. After I was dried off I felt like doing something that didn't involve getting waterlogged. So I went for a walk and found a cave. It was dark like my pitch black blanket back in the tent. When I turned around I saw that it was getting dark so I decided to go back to the tent. I had a breathtaking day at the Waikare River.