Top Outdoor Spot Competition

WOMAD 2020

Molly , Year 7

Have you been to womad? If you haven’t you need to go! Womad is an AWESOME three-day festival. There are so many things to go like: listening to great music, eating delicious food, acts you just can’t miss, shops with the best stuff in them like: clothes , womad t-shirts, jewelry, henna, food etc. As you walk through the busy streets full of happy people you might just wonder why you haven’t come here before.

Womad has been going on since 2004 when it first came to New Plymouth, Taranaki. Taranaki is a approximately five hours drive north-west from wellington. Womad is held at Brooklands Park which is in Pukekura park, a park worth visiting even when womad is not on. It has walks, a playground, a light waterfall at night, an ice cream shop, a stage which you can dance on, cute ducklings and more.

The amazing thing is that people 12 and under are FREE (one adult one free kid), definitely worth it. You can camp or stay at a hotel just around the corner. The campground is a horse racetrack, so it is huge. People stay in: buses, tents, hired tepees and caravans. You can walk to womad from the campsite. As you walk through the entrance, womad staff will check your wristband/ticket, tickets are available at the womad web site. So buy your ticket to see the world.