Top Outdoor Spot Competition


Liberty , Year 5

I speed over the waves, water spraying in my face. I hang out the boat scraping my hand above the water, while hanging onto the boat side as we bounce over waves. I stare down at the tiny harmless jellyfish bobbing in the sea reflecting the sun and stare up at the birds circling ahead. We slow down to watch a group of penguins dive into the cool refreshing water to escape the hot morning sun. Suddenly I see a flicker of a fin jump out of the water followed by four more, dolphins. We decide to go snorkeling to see if we can get closer to the magical creatures. I waddle to the side of the boat and awkwardly flop into the water. I watch bubbles escape my mouth as I see light shining up above, I swim up emerging in the light to watch my brother and sister jump in. By the time we're all in the water the dolphins are gone so we swim around the reef. I stare as sand blurs my vision before a stingray emerges from the sand. We all emerge again in wonder about all the colourful fish we saw. Once we are all dry we decide to go fishing. I stare back at Pauanui at all the swimmers and surfers, and think longingly of my own surfboard waiting for me to return.