Top Outdoor Spot Competition

Akaroa Harbour

Georgia , Year 5

As you walk onto the bumpy wet wharf
all the seagulls fly away leaving their
White soft feathers behind them.
The dolphin cruises come into the dock.
People come out of them buzzing like 100 bees.

The water ripples as the wind blows softly.
The water is so clear you can see tiny fish
Swimming and paua sunbathing on the rocks. Your feet
Touch the soft crispy sand. The seaweed sways side to
Side brushing against your body.

On the beach your feet sink into the hot sand
Little crabs ran under the rocks rock cod
Slither in the shallows the beautiful shells
Lie on the beach.

On the boat you bob up and down on the waves
Dolphins dive up and down in the ocean.
You go into big caves on the boat little seals
Lie on the rocks little blue penguins enjoy
Riding up and down in the waves.