Top Outdoor Spot Competition

Lake Tekapo

Grace , Year 6

I breathe in the bitter air that seems to be hanging around like puppets on a string. A peaceful environment creates an eerily vibe, a peaceful place full of mystery and wonder. I want to venture further, no one can stop me from taking a step forward. I see a lake, a beautiful lake with the powerful sun blazing down on the water. The sun’s reflection bounces back on the water, making my face form a smile. I can’t resist, I walk to the edge of a rock. I bend down low and prepare to regret. My legs give me power and I spring off the rock, sinking like a stone in the freezing cold lake. I re-emerge from the water blue, my head bobbing above the surface, I struggle to stay afloat, I paddle to the shore and lie there, letting the sun bake my back. My eyes catch a glimpse of a beautiful church, it was just what this little town needs; on the edge of the lake that covers a huge land mass, I love this place more than anything.