Top Outdoor Spot Competition

Mist-erious Mt Cook

Daniel , Year 7

Mist-erious Mt Cook

A gentle hike on a well-worn stony path
Winding, snaking, twisting
Past a hyper-blue lake
Past gigantic boulders as big as houses
Cosmic hexagons looming many feet over me

Over a swing bridge
Hopefully not weak-ing

A raging river of thunder
Surging over hidden rocks
Just lumps in the water

A rumble
Is it the river?
No it is different
Is it thunder?
Different again
A crashing, cracking roar
It is the glacier with a rumbling avalanche

Another swing bridge
Leaping up and down
A bucking bronco
Bullied by the wind
Feeling like it might drop into the ravine

The wind shrieking in fury
The rain pelting like stones
The cold tearing at my fingers Making me numb

I can’t go on

But I want to, so badly

So I do

Finally the end of the track
Breathless with excitement to see at last the great galumphing glacier I look up in wonder to see the towering palace of ice

But it is gone
The weather has swallowed the wintery world
So all I see is a wall of white