Top Outdoor Spot Competition

My favorite spot outdoors

Gus , Year 7

My favorite spot outdoors is the Skate park.
I like the Skate park because I get to skate there with my friends and have fun.
We like to try new tricks together and get better at tricks we already know. We like to go to the dairy and buy food like chips, lollies and fizzy drinks. Then we go back to the Skate park and eat and drink our stuff then skate even more until we have to go home.

On the weekend me and my dad go to the Skate park. We play games of S.K.A.T.E. A game of skate is like donkey, you do a trick and the other person has to try to do the trick too. If they don't do the trick then they get a letter. The first to spell skate loses. Sometimes we go to the dairy as well and get drinks.

I would love it if I could have a skate park at my house but for now the skate park is all that I need.