Top Outdoor Spot Competition

Game, Set, Match.

Lucy , Year 8

I swing my racquet towards the bouncy, neon yellow ball and it fires at top speed to the end of the court. Almost instantly the ball roars back at me like a cannon. My mind tells me it’s too high to reach but I jump for it and smash it down to the other side.”One more point to win the game, come on Lucy, you can do this” I say in my head. My serve. Throw the ball, swing the racquet and WHOOSH goes the ball. A rush of excitement runs through my tired body as the ball flies through the air. As it comes back at a rapid pace towards me I reach over to hit it, but it’s too fast. “Deuce!” Yells my competitive opponent. I need to focus.

Throw, swing, smash! The ball flies at speed across the court. “Phew” I think in my head. As it reaches my side I have to race over to hit it just in time, but this rally is not over. She swings the ball high into the air and as it is about to hit the ground I quickly volley it away. My opponent sprints over to the ball but misses by a millisecond. “Match point” I say to myself.

Throw, swing, smash! The ball hits the net. “Fault one” she yells from the other side of the court. I need to concentrate. Throw, swing, SMASH!!! The ball powers into the box, but comes back very quickly. I dash across the court desperately reaching for the ball. THWACK! I do a dodgy backhand high into the air. It looks like it’s going out. I watch as the ball falls down… is it out?! THUD! It lands right in the back corner of the court, out of my opponents reach. “HOORAY!” I say when I realise i’ve won the game. I believed in myself and it’s paid off.