Top Outdoor Spot Competition

At the top of the mountain

Micah , Year 6

It was the night before I couldn’t get to sleep, all my thoughts were swarming in my head like crazy; Will I fall and die?, Will it be hard?, Will I make it to the top? It wasn’t nice but this was going to be a big milestone for me. Dad woke me up early in the morning. I was still half sleeping while I got up and went to go get changed. This was the day. I was going to climb to the top of the mountain for real. I was excited and nervous but ready to climb. We all got ready to go and hopped into the car. It was still really early and for that matter it was still dark.

I was familiar with the start of the mountain because I had climbed a track called Jacob’s Ladder several times and it started out like this. We were quite high now but it was nothing to me because I had climbed this part before. After some time I was starting to become tired but we were nowhere near the top and let alone going back down. Luckily Dad had some treats to eat and that did the trick (for now).

Every time I look at the top we are making progress. It is a slow call but we are super close to the crater now and I am becoming more excited. Right now I am stepping foot on the crater of Mt Taranaki. It is amazing to feel that you are above the clouds and you have an amazing view but this is not the top we still have to cross the icy crater and climb a little more to reach the summit - the top!

I am at the top of the mountain! Yay it was a great feeling to feel I had achieved the big milestone. I was hungry so everybody had some food to eat. After some photos we facetimed Mum and my brothers.

Now I had to make it back down to the car park. To make a long story short I made it.
I was walking around the car park exhausted and happy. I had made it to the top and back down without getting hurt. I was happy I had accepted this hike and I will remember this for a long time.