Top Outdoor Spot Competition

My Little Akaloa

Lincoln , Year 8

As I sit on the doorstep my head resting in my hands, I look out at the view and think how lucky I am to spend my summers and weekends in such an amazing place. The sun is glistening off the water with two magical hills on each side giving our paradise shelter from the chilly winds of winter and the hot breeze in summer.
In the distance, I see people jumping off the wharf. I see the ripple of white from the ocean when they hit the refreshing water. I can hear their faint laughter even from my spot on the doorstep far away.
I can hear everything in this wee bay, however, everything sounds beautiful here with the faded mooing of cows, the powerful wings of the kererū, and the chirp of the friendly pīwakawaka that hang around our bach.
I can hear the waterfall coming from the valley behind me; the trickling sound as the water gently hits the rocks on it’s way to the pool at the bottom. It's one of my favourite walks over here.
I can hear the squeals of joy from children on the beach, jumping over small waves as the ocean tickles their toes or making sandcastles in the golden sand. I sense this place was made for families.
As the sun starts to hide away for the day, I know it will be dark soon. The night time brings a whole different place of wonder over here. Miles away in the black sky, the bright shining stars seem close, making me want to reach up and grab one.
The people have returned to the comfort of their homes for the night and the birds are back in their nests. The silence is so quiet I can hear my breathing and the long grass in the paddock in front of me, rustling gently in the light summer wind.
I love this place, it’s my slice of heaven; my Little Akaloa.