Top Outdoor Spot Competition

Pukemokemoke reserve - Haiku-

Louise , Year 6

Pukemokemoke bush reserve – haiku -

Nestled in Tuahei
40 hectares of untouched bush
Lighted by glow worms

I start at the Loop track
Climbing the wooden walkway
Fantails among ferns

Matai Grove in sight
Cones scattered between the leaves
Canopy of green

Kanuka site two
The foliage very fine and sparse
Trunks slender and tall

Tanekaha trees
Representing old branch scars
Dense understorey shrubs

Kauri Grove ahead
Gum oozes out leaf drop wound
Clean parallel trunk

Millions of fence posts
Two massive Totara trees
Massive conifers

Regeneration Ridge
Crossroads and on up the track
Mahoe seedlings grow

Tauhei Quarry view
Lookout Waikato Valley
166 meters above sea

The valley awaits
Wet valley-bottom soils stick
Pukatea loves it

Log Hauler site
Picnic area to indulge
History of logs