Top Outdoor Spot Competition

beutiful but neglected.

ellie , Year 7

the breeze, salty and welcoming, drifts across the beach. the sand sinks between your toes. the ocean calls to you, whispering sweet songs of pure joy and mystery. the wildlife welcomes you as you splash into the clear beautiful water. as the sun sets, it casts a shadow across the rocks, and the stingrays come out. the view is like being swept to a magical world, beautiful but somewhat mysterious. the sky is a blue so pure that you forget about your problems. the crabs scuttle along the sand, leaving tracks. as the sun beats down on your back, you run into the water and cool down. you watch the wildlife, taking pictures and smiling. what seemed to be so empty, is full of life. an extraordinary place with a wide range of opportunities, the beach draws you in, making you want to visit there more, like being thirsty and staring at someone drinking a nice full water bottle. this new place has much to explore. but this mysterious place is what I call home.