Top Outdoor Spot Competition

The Tropical Paradise Of Hawaii

Meher , Year 6

A place I always dreamed of that once came true… Tropical Paradise. The creamy, delectable ice-cream, the vibrant sunny weather, the sparkling coastal water, the smooth flawless sand. If you put them all together you get the tropical, exotic Hawaii.

My favourite spot in the whole entire world… Hawaii. The beautiful sunsets look like an array of magnificent, eye-catching colours. The cloudless blue sky. The killer waves to go boogie boarding on with your whole family there by your side. The tropical coconuts to drink while walking on the hot sand along the beach. Snorkelling and seeing a school of fish swimming past in all the colours of the rainbow with the lively corals below.

The multi-cultural, aboriginal Hawaii is a must go and is my most favourite place in the whole wide world. My dream finally came true going to the tropical paradise.