Top Outdoor Spot Competition

Hunting in Otapiri

Josh , Year 8

As we waited for the deer we had seen the previous morning, we watched the magnificent sunrise surface from the dark depths of the deep black sky. The sunrise was stunning and I momentarily lost focus on the deer we were stalking. I then spotted a young hind, creeping across the chow. My heart raced, it was only my third time shooting at a deer and I still hadn't got used to the adrenaline shot. I was shaking with excitement. My brother then let off a shot and missed, I waited two seconds and let mine go, just missing. Dad let his off and gutshot it. It then proceeded to race into the cover of the bush. We were getting up to go retrieve it when another three hinds and one young spiker shot out of the bush unexpectedly. I then put another shot up my Dad's Remington 270, just in case of them stopping, but they just kept running over the hill and out of sight. We emptied our guns and sprinted back to the truck to see if we were going the find the hidden hind ...