Top Outdoor Spot Competition


danielle , Year 7

I look out the window. What do I see? My eyes are stuck like shoes to Bubble gum on one big shady oak. It is swaying back and forth, side to side.
I close my eyes. I went outside to look, touch, smell and obviously listen. “Crack”, oops there’s a leaf on the ground. I touch the tree and it's as wrinkly as elephant skin. Now I listen, Swish wash it sounds like waves breaking against the sand. Now I smell, it smells like wood and dust just like my Dad's woodchopper. Now I look there's acorns and seedlings everywhere.
All the trees are shaped like buildings and people but they are all different in a good way.
Trees remind me about earth, no two trees are the same. Just like what is on Earth, we need trees to breathe and Earth to live on. If trees dies we die, same with the Earth.
The tree is as stiff and strong as concrete and rocks. Trees have seen a lot, just like elephants.