Top Outdoor Spot Competition


Melissa , Year 7

I walk down the cool road. As I walk my jandles flip flop behind me. I breath in the sweet air and wonder will I fall or walk on.

As I swim across the water it feels crisp and cold. I swim to the little cliff. I climb up on to the small cliff face. I’m going to face my fears and jump. I breath in and out. I bend my legs as far down as I could.
I and I run then as I see the cliff face I jump looking down I see the water crisp and cool on this summers day. As I hit the water I shut my eyes it felt as everything were in slownmo for a second. I feel relieved that I didn’t hit any rocks.

I swim back over to my family. Then I climb up the river bank and I grab the Tarzan swing and rap my legs around it. As I get farther away from the giant tree I let go and fall into the water.

We walk over to another bit of the lake but it is much much deeper. I jump from the river bank and come back up I swim to the other side again. Then I start climbing a tree this time. “This time” I say “this time I will jump. I then jump from the highest point of the tree. I did it I said in my head. After I swam back and got out. Then my mother said “come on darling it’s time to go home for dinner” the end.