Top Outdoor Spot Competition

Brookfield Outdoor Education Center

Jayden , Year 8

Brookfield is a very special camp to me. It's owned by Scouts New Zealand, so as a Scout it has a place in my heart for adventure, fun and making a lot of friends

This is the camp that I have spent the most time at. I've been to it at least once a year for 6 years now and many more to come.

It has enough space to sleep about 800 people in a tent and even more in cabins so it's a pretty decent sized site and it's got everything you need. Activities such as kayaks, a confidence course, a newly refurbished swimming pool, a flying fox and a soon to come abseiling wall, it's also got plenty of walking tracks, and heaps more to explore.

my best camp at brookfield, was my first ever cub camp when I was 8. It was my first real introduction to the fun that was ahead of me. We got assigned tents with people I hardly knew. and we had no leaders to help us the whole camp we had to make our own decisions to survive the night. all we got help with was the provided food that we had to cook on a makeshift stove, made out of a big tin can. It was so fun and it made me feel really independent. After that the people that I hardly knew were really good friends to me and one of them still is to this day.

So in conclusion, it's a very cool place to go whether its with a big group or just with your friends and family, all I ask is that you respect it. don't litter, don't break anything and most of all have a much fun as you can.