Top Outdoor Spot Competition

Rainbow Reach Kea

Daniel , Year 6

One day I went a tramping,
along the Rainbow Reach.
The path was never ending,
until I came upon a beach.

My pack was getting heavy,
So I decided to take a break.
I took my smelly shoes off,
And put my feet into the lake

As I sat there a thinkin,
upon the stoney shore.
A kea swooped in beside me,
onto the forest floor.

Its beak was black and shiny,
its wings were green and bold.
I thought it was going to bite me,
But onto me he couldn't hold.

It was a small and sly young kea,
Whose claws were nice and sharp.
As I looked at the claws I thought
They could probably rip a tarp.

He was a bit annoying,
He squawked and jumped around
and as he got a little closer,
he gave out a very startling sound.

I jumped up with a big fright,
as he landed on my stick.
I dropped it in a hurry,
And grabbed my pack real quick.

While my tramp was rather pleasant,
I must confess to you.
Playing with the Kea,
will leave you in a stew.