Top Outdoor Spot Competition

Sweet Mclarens falls

Caleb , Year 7

My favourite place to be is Mclaren falls. Mclarens falls is my favourite place because I jump of rocks ,my highest jump is a 50 can also go camping there ,it used to be just my family there and loads of places to play. But over the years the spot has become more popular,so there is no longer places to play , well there is places to play but not as much as favourite part about Mclaren falls is jumping off rocks
The surroundings of mclaren falls is the Kaimai and Omanawa falls and then just let the country side settle in from the north .inside the park it is surrounded by trees and then the lake that flows through Mclarens falls.the lake is also a jackpot with all the fish.that is if your a fishermen of course .marshells animal park is also in Mclarens falls ,this would be perfect for a young ones birthday such has my little cousin has had his birthday there and loved it so much.

Mclarens falls is located in the sweet Kaimai ,it is located where sweet nature is all you can see.the Kaimai is a massive hill that you have to go over to go to places such as Hamilton,Auckland,and Cambridge there is lots more but then we would be there all day.there is also a way going through Omanawa falls. Omanawa falls is also a beautiful place but at at any time of the year it would be freezing so that’s why most people go there for the looks more than the swimming anyway that’s a brief idea of where Mclarens falls is located.

Mclarens falls is my favourite place because of all the nature and freedom that’s there like when one Time I went there and we went on a trail and about 10 minutes into the walk we came across a mud patch and my dad didn’t se it so then he tripped on a stick a face planted into a the patch of mud we laughed nearly the whole rest of the trail it was just lucky my dad lived just down the road from Mclarens falls. Also something i missed was me face planting the exact spot were my dad face planted too ahhhhhh the sweet good old days